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About Us

SAMCO Antennas, Inc. has been engaged in the design and manufacture of Yagi antennas for over 50 years. Our first Yagi was for Channel 8 home reception, the first station on the air in the DFW area. Soon thereafter SAMCO began manufacturing Yagis for remote data and voice communication systems.

Our primary products include 10 db gain Yagis for UHF and VHF frequencies. However, we also have standard models for both lower and higher gain, depending on the needs of the customer.

Additionally, we will design special Yagis that meet the customer's unique requirements when there is an unusual situation. Whether its 1 or a 1000, we will provide the best possible solution.

Other standard products include the SAM-GOES-11 a GOES Satellite Telemetry antenna, and Tower Mounting Hardware including stainless steel V-Bolts in sizes ranging from 3" up to 9".

Yagi Antennas

Maintaining communications with field assets matters when it means keeping your business ahead of your competitors in the industry. SAMCO Antennas, Inc. offers reliable solutions ideal for a variety of industry applications that can give you the edge you need. Have us provide you with first-rate Yagi antennas perfect for your requirements.

GOES Satellite & Remote Communication

Our company enjoys a reputation for providing government organizations with facilities for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) communications. Let us provide you with GOES satellite and remote communication expertise that you can rely on to get ahead of your competition.
Contact SAMCO Antennas, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas, to find out how our superb communications antennas can help meet your requirements.
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